Art Education

The Importance of Art Education

Art, a universal language and building block of civilization. Its importance in racial, cultural, social, educational and economic awareness makes it a necessity in the education of our children. Children who are exposed to the arts often find greater satisfaction in academics, society and the natural world. The making of art in youth if not continued in adulthood will at least transition to art appreciation. To omit the joys of art from a child’s education is to jeopardize their chance to contribute innovative ideas to a collective society. So strong is the value of art education that without it children become unable to think creatively and we find our future population stuck in a perpetual loop trying to move ahead but without fresh ideas upon how to do so.

The benefits of art education are vast. Here are a few points that help justify the need for art in everyday life:

  • Early scribbling is important in pre-development for making numbers and letters.
  • Allows opportunities for self expression.
  • Eases stress by changing the focus.
  • Allows communication when oral communication is not always an option.
  • Heals troubled minds and bodies.
  • Helps become aware of oneself through self assessment.
  • Merges process and information.
  • Levels the playing field among students, cultures, economies and intellect.
  • Supplies an avenue for developing and revealing personality.
  • Hones reflective skills.
  • Makes connections through time and events.
  • Incubates ideas.
  • Fosters self esteem through the ability for eureka moments.
  • Becomes a catalyst for a joining of societies, races and ideas.
  • Provides a basic connection to all generations.
  • Thrives on combining the senses.
  • Enhances cross curricular learning.
  • Embraces tolerance.
  • Provides an escape.

Curriculum Request

Lori has created and curated a vast archive of customized curriculum, a great asset to any art program and a great educator resource. To request more information on Lori’s lesson offerings from her curriculum library CLICK HERE