I’ve decided to go back to the pencil for a while. I hadn’t created a graphite drawing in some time, and it was calling to me. It has been at least 6 months since my last pencil drawing. I need to rectify that. I usually have quite a selection of art materials as I am like every other artist out there and that is that we are hoarders of art materials and all things crafty. A serious working artist has their favorite tools but lurking in those drawers and cabinets are vast numbers of pencils, paints, brushes and millions of sheets of paper plus canvas and well, you know what I mean. God forbid you throw anything away as you might NEED it. However, since I made the decision to do some graphite work, I looked at my trusty pencils of all makes and values and decided they weren’t good enough for this serious mission. So, I ordered some of the Blackwing pencils. These pencils are considered to be of premium value. I must concede the hype is true. I have lovely drawings and am pleasantly surprised. Get yourself their starter pack of 4 grades and try them for yourself. But, after using them I caught sight of all my other pencils I so carelessly ignored for new shiny pencils and instantly felt guilty. They worked for me, and I had abandoned them! I must leave you know as I have some drawings to do with the hundreds of other pencils I own. Everything has a soul folks.