It’s been a while since I’ve added a blog. Things get busy and I get busy and pretty soon months go by that you haven’t taken time to sit and process your world.

Three things have happened to me in the last 6 months that have made me stop and breath. I had my first encounter with anti-American rhetoric. In England no less! Yeah. It’s the same old thing from people who think they know us but couldn’t in a million years understand us. Actually, I have to clarify although this happened in England it was done by a Belgian. Let that sink in. It was the same old blah, blah, blah about how we Americans can’t live without air conditioning and are so soft and privileged. One side of me wanted to explain that yeah, I need the air on because it’s 95 degrees and I’m slightly asthmatic. And I live in the 21st century where it is insane to not have air conditioning. The other side of me wanted to let the kracken out and say “hey you moron, how dare you judge me you little Belgian. If it weren’t for the Americans, you’d be speaking German right now and oh by the way not only did we have to save your sorry butts, but we then had to rebuild your country for you. You’re welcome!” I don’t let the kracken out often but it’s in there. Oh yeah, don’t poke the kracken. Yet, I did stop, and I took a breath so as not to damage my soul.

Next, I woke one morning to an email from my sister telling me my dear childhood friend had just died. Unexpected, at least to me. Death is always startling but when you naively think you will see this person at least once again before your own death it seems somewhat unfair. Memories flooded me and tears overflowed. Were we old enough to be sick enough to not recover? Again, I went full stop and then took a breath. Thanking God I at least had this wonderful person in my young life.

Last, I live in an area that doesn’t routinely get snow every winter. Yet this past week we were graced with about 7 inches of the fluffy stuff. I grew up in a place of very snow filled winters every year. So, when we get snow here, I am engulfed with memories of snowball fights, sledding and snow people. Yes, there were many. I stood in my studio which has glass windows on 3 sides and watched those large, miraculous snowflakes fall. I was in a snow globe! And yes, I stopped and took a breath. Feeling my peaceful space in the world given to me by God.

So, what I’m getting at is take the time to stop and breath in life. No matter if it’s because someone insulted you, or because of tragedy or because of miracles. At least once a day just stop and breath.