Storytelling and Your Life


Learning to sketch and developing the habit of bringing your sketchbook with you can be very rewarding. Think about it. You are embarking on a life story that you may share with others or keep to yourself. All this by simply taking pencil to paper. Keep your sketchbook in a prominent place where you will see it every day. Open it and speak to it.

Your sketchbook will be one of a kind and very unique because you are recording what you choose to see in your world on any given day in your life. I find that very satisfying and exciting.

One reason why I teach is because I get to see the world in someone else’s eyes. In some small way I can experience the world differently just by observing and talking about what they chose to sketch.

Throughout your adventure in sketching choose to tell an epic tale that goes on year after year. Whether you are sketching the city, your vacation, your family, objects you love and people you meet, do it with passion. Telling your story through sketching is an unforgettable experience.


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