What is the Art of Sketchbooking?

Sketch: an undetailed drawing sometimes made as a preliminary for a painting or other more finished piece of art such as sculpture.

Sketchbooking: To record visually.

There’s the bugaboo! A less detailed, quick drawing is sometimes harder to achieve than a full-blown detailed masterwork. Because, in that simple little sketch goes a lot of observation and planning, listening and seeing, feeling and experiencing. Especially when setting out to create a visual journal of our adventures. My students often enter class with a notion of sketch booking as a mission to fill their paper pad of choice with beautiful works of art and, are sometimes annoyed when I tell them “this is not a drawing class.” In a sense, it is a drawing class, but it is distinctly not a drawing class in the classical sense. No formal training for capturing realistic detail and likeness will occur. Instead, an approach to connecting with your world on a more sensory level will reign paramount so that you can visually document the world of which you, on some level, participate. Sketch. Grab the essence quickly because the bus is moving or more slowly to let the experience soak in, but, sketch. Record and tell the story of your adventure, your life, your moment.

Sketching your memories and adventures to share or not, the act of sketching alone will cement whatever you choose to include in your sketch book for eternity.


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